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Current Show: Impressions of San Francisco
Location: Saret Gallery, 111a East Napa Street, Sonoma, CA.
I grew up in San Francisco and have always loved my city. Like many people, I have had trouble creating fresh images of something so familiar. Its very iconic nature makes it more difficult to take a creative perspective, to move beyond the picture-postcard and yet retain the true feel of the city.
Living in the country these past years, my perception of the city has evolved to one of motion and activity, bikes and busses, crowds and noise, rather than redwood trees and mushrooms, deer and squirrels.
One day I stood on the corner of Powell and Market and felt the hum and vibration enter me. I slowed down the camera and panned. The effect was interesting but predictable.
Then I did what I always do in a city: I walked.
My Impressions images are created while I am walking at my normal pace. People, bicycles, busses and cable cars move at their own pace and in random directions. The results are mostly unpredictable but create the feeling of the city as I love it.
My brother has coined a phrase to define the process: Motion Lapse Photography.
Motion lapse photography- exposure is taken at one long interval so that a naturally moving process is viewed compressed, in one image, at a decelerated pace. (Alex’s definition)

Represented by Saret Gallery http://www.saretgallery.com

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